NTX Section ARES Leadership Webinar Held

From the North Texas Section site:

On Thursday, September 29th, a North Texas Section ARES Leadership Webinar was held online for all DECs and ECs within the North Texas Section.  There were 57 attendees for the Webinar.

The Atlantic Division hosted the Webinar and has made DVD’s available, If interested go to http://www.atldiv.org/training.

The session included presentations by SEC Walt Mayfield (KE5SOO) and ASEC Gary Lewis (WG5L). Topics included North Texas ARES focus items, the new web site, monthly reporting, and the upcoming statewide SET in early November.

Links to the presentations are listed below:

NTX ARES Webinar 09-29-2011 Presentation

ARES Reporting Webinar 09-29-2011 Presentation

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