Club Repeater Back On the Air!

Thanks to our own Jim “I’m being pulled in 50 directions at once” Rogers, the 147.340 (PL Tone 136.5+) club repeater is back on the air! This is a brand new Vertex Standard repeater the club recently acquired.

Word is that Jim is also ordering an amplifier to further boost the effective power of the repeater.

Thanks, Jim for all your hard work! And thanks to Erik Sandvik for providing the solar panels Jim Rogers sold that generated the funds to buy the repeater and Richard Brown for providing the repeater at his cost!

Everyone in the club truly appreciates all you guys have done for us!

UPDATE: The repeater had to be moved back to Jim’s house, as there appears to be an antenna-related issue (high SWR) at the regular site. The antenna issue is being analyzed and when fixed, the repeater will be re-installed at its normal location. Stay tuned for more updates.

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