Emergency Communications Presentation

This past LETARC monthly meeting, I presented an overview of Emergency Communications (EmComm) and our role in it for our membership and interested parties.

EmComm is a complex topic and the rules of engagement have changed down through the years since 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, requiring additional training and a more structured response. This presentation was meant to serve as a “level-set” for LETARC membership, as we have many new and returning members.

The ARRL North Texas Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) for ARES recently appointed me to be the Gregg County EC and the District 10 EC (DEC) for ARES. In these new roles, I will be working with both LETARC and GCEC boards and a new steering committee to develop a ARES presence to supplement our existing RACES presence through GCEC. We will become dually aligned with ARES and RACES. In addition, I will be working with neighboring counties on how we can assist each other within District 10.

The steering committee will be initiating several projects in which you can actively participate and we hope you will consider volunteering your time and expertise, as we have much work to do relative to our preparedness posture. I would like to thank Jim Quinn the Younger (AJ1MQ) and Priscilla Quinn (KE5VIK) for volunteering to serve on the steering committee, along with me.

The following link will allow you to download/display the presentation and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or web browser plugin:


In the coming weeks and months, this page (and possibly sub-pages) will contain more and more links and data relating to our emergency communications documentation and procedures that result from the work of the projects initiated by the steering committee. So… stay tuned!

Gary Lewis – WG5L




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