Club Volunteers Repaint Steps at Red Cross

On Saturday, February 26th, some intrepid club volunteers braved the cold and repainted the steps leading to the ham shack at the Red Cross building. The metal stairs were in desperate need of paint. From the pictures, it looks like we need to thank Jim Rogers, Dean Patterson, Rod Bartlett, Tom Wilbeck, and Philip Mullins for being a part of this work party. If we missed someone who was not in the pictures, let us know and we will amend this post.

By the way, it looks like the old sea dogs, Jim Rogers and Philip Mullins, just can’t seem to get away from battleship grey. Once a sailor… always a sailor.

Great job everyone!

UPDATE: Although we have no pictures available, this past Saturday, April 2nd, some more volunteers put another coat of paint (this time black) on the stairs (apparently the battleship grey was a primer). According to Jim Quinn the Younger, it may need yet another coat of black. So, there may be another opportunity to show off your painting skills in the near future!


Club Volunteers Repaint Steps at Red Cross — 2 Comments

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